Dominika Picko is a daughter of a very well-known Artist- Gennadij Pitsko. After finishing College of Art, Dominika finished her studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Grodno.
Picko is a very talented Artist who inherited great talent after her father . In her expressive style one can see a wonderful technique where real links to the unreal giving her work individuality and incisiveness.


Elena Lesoklinska was born in 1962 in Grodno. In 1990 she finished the Academy of Fine Arts in Lvov.
Very often the theme of her paintings leads us to the world of the imagination but how similar to the surroundings of reality and beauty which is all around us.
Lesoklinska's work is highly influenced by the great precursor of post impressionism - Paul Cezanne.


Gerard Tunney was born in Sunderland where he lives now, after re-locating from Cambridgeshire where he lived for number of years. He studied at Sunderland university followed by The university of Northumbria where he obtained his Masters degree in Fine Art.

Gerard Tunney completed a series of Fine Art residencies with the Birmingham Royal Ballet, Opera North , and Northern Sinfonia and this has produced a parallel body of work based on theatre, ballet, Shakespeare, myth.

His love of Shakespeare has inspired him to produce highly original narrative paintings that are much sought after.

He has been a professional fine artist for over 40 years supplementing his studio work with various lecturing posts and gallery work. He has shown widely across the UK, particularly in London and the South and his work is held in many private collections in both the UK and also Europe.


Giennadij Pitsko was born in 1970 in Belarus where he finished Art University.
In the Artist's work one can notice the elements of expressionism and impressionism. Many of his paintings show the beauty of women and angels. He is close to the subject of love and joy of life. Pitsko's paintings are characteristic and recognizable with vivid colours and positive energy. He is a master in handling the paint texture using spatula.
Pitsko received many accolades and merits from a variety of associations and in 1993 he become a member of Fine Arts Association. He is also a member of ''Garadzenske Kalarit'' union.
Participant in many individual and group exhibitions: France, Germany, Poland, Russia, Belarus and many more.
His paintings can be found in many private collections all over the world.


Igor Kiebiec is an Artist who finished the Academy of Fine Art in Belarus and in 1998 private art workshop ran by very well known ,now departed artist Gari Mazurow.
Kiebiec can move freely and beautifully in the field of graphics and painting, he likes playing with shade, colour and texture. As a painter he takes care of the beautiful side of nature transferring the most beautiful flowers ,trees etc to the canvas, but as a graphic - Artist deals with human nature showing also its dark side and human ''ugliness'' but he does it with such a great sense of humour.


Irena Miklaszewicz was born in 1968 in Koleczyce- Belarus.
In 1987 she has finished her Art College in Bobrujsk and in 1995 she has finished Jan Krupala's Art University.
Participant in many individual and group exhibitions in Canada, Germany, Poland, Lithuania and Latvia.
Her paintings can be found in many private collections all over the world.


Lisa Price is an artist living and working in Bedfordshire, specialising in bold 'statement art' pieces. Her work is very process driven and experimental, both in terms of materials and application. The majority of her most recent work is finger-painted. Fascinated with the beauty of the sky, much of her work focuses on cloudscapes and space, producing paintings which lift the viewers' spirits. Lisa uses the term 'Transcendental Art' to describe her work, and sees it as visually therapeutic.

Her work sells through galleries, shows, and also online.

Her work is internationally collected.


Mel Elston-Mendones€™ is a multi-disciplinary artist and has been creating artworks his entire life. For Mel, creation is life. As well as his main passion of painting, he has also worked in jewellery, fashion, sculpture and graphic design. His painted works have been exhibited in New York, Los Angeles, Zurich, Venice, Monaco and Amsterdam, as well as in London, Surrey, Sussex, Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire. It has also been featured in publications in London, Brussels and Madrid.

Mel paints through feeling rather than visually, working directly on to canvass with no preliminary sketches. This gives his work a visceral quality, which can be both uncomfortable as well as deeply moving and beautiful. His work straddles the line between abstract and representational, having a range of different visual styles, while maintaining a unified language of colour, line, texture and naivety, which make it both unique and recognisable.

His Filipino parents met in London, having both moved from the Philippines from different family backgrounds in the early 1970s. His ancestry includes Filipino, Spanish, Mexican and Native American.

Throughout his life Mel has both struggled with and celebrated his multi-cultural identity – Filipino, British, Latino, Mexican, Spanish, exile, economic migrant, Roman Catholic, protestant. His work explores the joys and difficulties of living with this complex mix of, often clashing and unbalanced, influences. These struggles and lack of balance have led to problems with both his physical and mental health, which also inform his work.

Mel was born in West London in 1977 and currently lives and works in West Sussex. He graduated with a Batchelor of Arts with Honours, in Design Studies. Mel was a shortlisted finalist with the Royal Society of Arts in 2002.


Walthamstow, London


Letchworth, Hertfordshire (Solo)

Royal College of Art, London (Art for Youth)


Westmill, Hertfordshire

Cottered, Hertfordshire

Letchworth, Hertfordshire


Sutton House, London (Solo)


Worthing, West Sussex Arundel, West Sussex (A1 Gallery)

Chichester, West Sussex

Brighton, East Sussex (A1 Gallery


Esher, Surrey (A1 Gallery)


Worthing, West Sussex

Monaco (Expo Metro)

Zurich, Switzerland

Hackney, London (Holy Art Gallery, virtual exhibition)

California, USA (Las Lagunas Gallery)


Amsterdam (April, Lelie Galrij)

Zurich (April, Urbanside Gallery)

Venice (May, Biennale Artbox Expo)

Los Angeles (June, Expo Metro)

New York (June, Artists’ Talk Magazine)

Kensington (July, Parallax Art Fair)

Worthing (August, Colonnade House)


2021 Artists’ Talk Magazine, London

2021 Bruxelles Art Vue, Brussels

2021 Antología de Arte III Madrid

2022 Antología de Arte IV, Madrid


Tatiana Morozowa was born in 1979 in Grodno where in the years of 1996 - 2001 she studied in the Academy of Fine Arts.
Tatiana Morozowa's technique is to handle the oil paint texture using spatula.
In her paintings one can see great artistic sensitivity and unique , one of a kind perception of the world.
Her work is held in many private collections around the world.


Waclaw Romaszko was born in 1967. The Artist has had many individual exhibitions in UK, Germany, Russia and Poland amongst other many international open air exhibitions.
In his work he can extract the beauty of silence and the beauty of storm, the charm of gentleness and the charm of calmness . In categories of beauty he can see both, simple things and secret things. He is a member of the Fine Art Association.
His paintings can be found in many private collections all over the world.


Walery Stratovich was born in 1963 in the North Caucasus in Russia . In the years 1981-1986 he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vitebsk which was founded by the outstanding painter Marc Chagall.
His paintings are characterized by expressive compositions, thick texture of boldly laid paint, warm and cold colours thanks to which the Author gains a beautiful play of lights and the recognizable character of his creativity. You can see the real Masters hand.
His paintings can be found in private collections all over the world and will suit every interior.


Walery Suprunenko was born in Belarus where he finished Art University. He has had many group exhibitions in Germany, Poland, Greece and Russia as well as individual exhibitions in Moscow ,ST Petersburg, Bialystok and many more. The Artist is a member of The Fine Art Association.
His paintings can be found in many private collections all over the world.


On the 23/10/2020 one of the greatest Artists - Wasyli Martynczuk has left this world .
Most of his Art has been sold .The last few remaining pieces are increasing in value every day .
Wasyli Martynczuk was born in 1959 in Ukraine. In 1978 he finished the Academy of Fine Arts in St Petersburg ,Russia and in 1989 the Academy of Fine Arts in Lvov. He was a member of the Fine Arts Association.
Martynczuk's paintings are very distinctive and recognizable throughout the world.
About his work one can say ''Soul of a child , mind of a philosopher''.
Participant in many individual exhibitions in Japan, Germany, France, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Lithuania, Poland and many more.
His paintings can be found in many galleries and private collections all over the world.